Review – Love Aaj Kal

Tara and I were quite impressed with this quirky love story. Saif Ali Khan plays two roles,  Jai,  and they young Veer Singh. The gorgeous Deepika Padukone plays Jai’s love interest/disinterest. If you read the plot of the film you’d wonder how they can fill the 2 hours, but with 2 stories to tell and many odd little scenes to explore the character’s personalities, te time flies by. The acting is good, the script adventurous (of ocurse when you are relying on subtitles you are always going to miss or confuse things) and there’s some really nice camera work that raises it above the mainstream. The contrasting love story of the Sikh cafe owner, Veer and his seemingly unattainable true love Harleen is also nicely shot and nostalgic, and the film does make some nice points about how relationships are changing in modern India. A really good soundtrack, with the standout tracks being the very popular dance hit Twist and the interesting snake charmer mashup Chor Bazaari, as well as some beautiful singing as usual from Mohit Chauhan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I give it 7.5/10

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