bergie’s bollywood reviews

My family just loves Bollywood movies. They are great, and they should be shown more at Australian cinemas and on TV. The ones made in the last 5 years are less formulaic and more innovative, so if you were put off them long ago, give them another try. SBS sometimes shows them, but they only seem to have a few that they repeat endlessly. But if they are showing Om Shanti Om, then you have to watch it, it’s one of my all time favourites.

Some Sydney cinemas show them, our nearest is Burwood. It would be nice if the newspapers promoted and reviewed them more. They review all those boring arty French ones with old guys lusting after teenagers, and all those depressing Danish ones, but just ignore Bollywood. The cinemas usually show a new movie every 2-3 weeks, sometimes they even have 2 running at once!

The best place to go for movies is your local Indian grocery. The shops at Canterbury and Ashfield all have a good range and they are really cheap (they are mostly dodgy) and get the new releases pretty quickly. usually they will be subtitled in English, but you have to accept that they are always a risk. We’ve had ones with no subtitles, subtitles but from a different movie, subtitles totally out of sequence with the soundtrack, films obviously filmed with a hand held camera in a cinema, and even one filmed from a TV set with moths crawling backwards and forwards across the screen. Mostly though you’ll get a reasonable copy. You can buy proper releases from shops in Harris Park and Parramatta.

So chalo! Give those films a dekho!


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