A history of our house in Jeffrey Street



1904 Land purchased by Annie Clissold and children Annie Eliza Watkins, Jessie Jones and Frederick William Clissold from Sugar Estate 16th June

dp 4394/1-3 1904 Genders Estate subdivided 1918 to DP 959315

March 25th 1918 Glenelvie, Clarendon and Ahipara auctioned. Built by Arthur and Roy Genders

1918 Purchased by Edward Charlton Madgwick, journalist, from Arthur Genders 30th may “Jeffrey’s Street”

1918 Ernest Henry Sealy Goldsmith owner 13th June

1920 – 1931 Badmington, Frederick and Collins owners

1921- 1925 George Augustus and Ada Elizabeth Hayman occupier

1926 S Woodley

1927 house first numbered H Summers

1928 -1931 S Woodley

1932-33 Thomas Joseph and Margaret Gray

1946 Purchased by Lindsay Mervyn Campbell master courier, 15th November

1954 Andrey and Olga Lossew , Assembler, 19th May

1964 Purchased by Rajko Zlojutro, metal polisher, Newtown, 29th July 1964

1967 Purchased by Mihailu Gorgievski and Gorgi Angelovski 18th December 1967

1969 Purchased by Archie and Poppy Faros, shop proprietors, 27th August 1969


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