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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Joseph’s second novel starts of a bit slow but turns into a wonderful, insightful and sometimes witty read. A Malayali father, who has plenty of problems himself tries to understand why his son committed suicide by talking to everyone he can track down that knew him. The book touches on psychology and philosophy as it looks at what is happiness and theories of delusion as well as everyday life in contemporary Chennai. Off to a great start in 2014 with this book, hope Jhumpa Lahiri reads it too.  89/100

Possibly the most relentlessly depressing novel I have read, which is very disappointing from such a good writer.  The characters are all miserable, as is the location in Rhode Island. I kept reading it thinking something positive would happen but it doesn’t. I was attracted to this book because it deals with the Naxalite rebels, but this only accounts for a small part of the book unfortunately. 20/100