Once upon a time in Mumbaai

Finally got around to seeing this one. have loved the soundtrack for years, as it was the big soundtrack when we were in India in 2010 (apart from the inescapable Sheila!). The movie is based on the true romance of a gangster and an actress, and  charts the growth of the underbelly of Bombay. Ajay Devgn is fantastic in the lead role of the “nice” gangster, Sultan Mirza, while Emran Hashmi is hairy, dark and violent as the less socially responsible gangster Shoaib. Mirza unites all the gangs of Bombay and becomes the unofficial king of the city, only to face the challenge of Shoaib, his understudy. Interestingly the film lacks violence, and is certainly a film as much about the city as it is about the men involved. The women in the film are pretty much furniture. I’m not really into these sort of films, but this one is worth watching, and certainly has one of the best soundtracks ever. 85/100


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