Winter Bollywood movie festival

With all this cold weather and washed out sport, what better way to get through it than watching some Bollywood movies?

The Dirty Picture

Loosely based on Tamil actress Silk Smitha, this excellent biopic features the best actress in India at the moment, Vidya Balan as Silk, a sexy, go getting actress who will do anything to get a movie role. Lots of retro sleaze and fun, and the not unexpected tragic end. Naseeruddin Shah is fantastic as a suave Tamil film legend. Watched this on the excellent film website Einthusan, which has high quality online Bollywood and Tamil films with English subtitles (even the songs!). 80/100


Unusual romance/thriller that really runs the gamut from excessive violence to romance. All set in the US and Mexico with many non-Indian performers including the very attractive Barbara Mori. Some impressive cinematography, a surprise ending and unusual narrative structure puts this above the usual Bollywood thriller. Good soundtrack too.  71/100


Ajay “wooden face” Devgn is his grumpy self in this crazy police action thriller, playing a village cop, Singham, with his own form of village justice. The locals love him, and he is very fond a slap or a leather belt to get his justice into action. Enter the slimy Jaykant, gangster and politician, brilliantly played by Prakash Raj who sets out to take over Goa and make Singham’s life a misery. Ajay uses his grumpy look for the whole film with the exception of his “romantic smile” which he deploys for his love interest. Hilarious beyond belief fight scenes balance out the rather crude violence, all set against the colourful and tropical Goan landscape. Can’t help but noticing a bit of stereotyping Goans as loud, rude, dark, drunk, corrupt and fat in this film (repeated in the film I am currently watching, Dum Maaro Dum). Highly enjoyable melodrama and reminiscent of Amitabh Bachchan’s early hero films. 73/100


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