Everybody Tezz Tezz Tezz

I think Tezz means “Speed” which is rather funny for a movie that has taken almost 18 months to be released, with much controversy along the way. Scenes were reshot, an item number was included despite the director’s disapproval, and shooting was delayed for many reasons, including Ajay Devgn’s beard. Anyway, the reason I even have an interest in this action film when I normally don’t watch them is that my family and I were extras in it. We were approached wandering past the Mumbai Supreme Court building by an agent, and 24 hours later we were at Mehboob Studios on the set of Tezz. You never know what will happen in India. This was January 2011 and finally in April 2012 the movie is on. We had a family night out to see it at Burwood, and thankfully some of us survived the cutting room. I get about 0.5 seconds, my son Dylan gets 2 appearances, my daughter 1 (my other son sadly missed out – maybe he’ll be in the director’s cut) and my wife gets a 2 second close-up! Speaking of directors, the director of tezz, Priyadarshan is livid that he had no control of the editing or much else by the sounds of it, which probably explains why it is a crap film. The action scenes aren’t bad, but the editing, script and plot are really bad. The plot makes little sense, and bizarrely seems to try and justify trying to blow up a train! The acting is average apart from Boman Irani, who was thoroughly professional on set. The item number is atrocious, but the Mohit Chauhan and Rahat Ali Khan songs are good. If I wasn’t in it I’d give it 10/100 but as i am in it, 80/100!



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