Christmas Day in Jaipur 2010

Bloody hell, I’m so behind typing up this diary! It’s already several weeks past Christmas 2011 and I’m only up to 2010. Poor old Tara thought she’d welcome Santa by vomiting all morning, but luckily the presents still got through. Everyone else slept in, then it was present time and then breakfast in the garden at the Arya Niwas. For smoething different to do on Christmas day we went to the Hyper City shopping mall. Bought some really good clothes there but like many malls in India many of the floors were empty of shops. Tara was still feeling crap so returned to the hotel. We all dressed up, and the auto drivers were sure I was really a maharajah.. Had the buffet at the Sheraton, which was excellent, though hard to enjoy as poor Tara looked awful, even making the waiters concerned.

Next morning we had breakfast at the hotel again, then an auto to the Jantar Mantar, which was fun as usual but very crowded, being a holiday. Then walked round to the Isar tower for views of the old city and up to the forts. Then looked at the hawa Mahal and lunch at the famous LMB restaurant, still the same as 1983! Food was still Ok and their ras malai dessert still delicious. Returned to hotel to find our train to Jamnagar had been diverted because of protests by the Gujjar tribes, who were campaigning about job quotas. With great help from the wonderful staff of the Arya Niwas we were able to get a taxi to Ajmer to hook up with our train. At this stage too we were still waitlisted for the train. The drive was one of the most frightening ever, with a few near death experiences as the driver weaved between lanes, texted at high speeds and swerved across the road. Made it to Ajmer with lots of time to spare and 5 years taken off our lives. Hopped onto the train and after much hassling were able to get berths for the night, though Aidan was evicted from his at soem early hour of the morning. Found we had been pushed out of our line in the normally efficient reservation system by a “VIP”. Sleepless night, very glad when we arrived in Jamnagar.


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