Two Anurag Kashyap films

Anurag Kashyap is one of the more innovative and clever directors in India. I recently watched two of his films, That Girl in Yellow Boots and No Smoking.

No Smoking is a very smart film. A chronic smoker finally realizes the effect smoking is having on his life when his wife leaves him. He is referred by an acquaintance to a mysterious clinic that has a very unorthodox way of stopping you smoking… This was a truly wonderful and bizarre film and is highly recommended. Lots of eccentric characters, surprises and shocks, and a great performance by John Abraham. 79/100

That Girl in Yellow Boots is one of those frustrating films where there are just so many holes in the plot that it ruins the film. The premise is good, and it is worth viewing to see an Indian director pushing the boundaries, but is spoilt by too many things that just don’t make sense, for example why is an obviously well off and educated girl working in a Mumbai massage parlour ?  And I am sure there are better actresses around than Kalki Koechlin. 50/100

Full marks though to Kashyap for challenging Bollywood with some thought provoking film making.


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