Mount Abu – Jaisalmer

The next morning its a quick jeep drive down the mountain to Abu Road station, possibly the filthiest train station in India, well since the infamous Lalkuan station anyway, though that was more pollution than just mountains of rubbish like at Abu.

Train was pretty much on time, had a nice 3 tier sleeper that we shared with a lovely family from Palampur, who shared their delicious lunch with us too. Mum and daughter were very friendly, and we were surprised the girl was 22 as she only looked Aidan’s age.  Lunch was bakris (a bread), potato curry, fried chilis and pickles.  Arrived pretty much on time in Jodhpur, and with 5 hours to kill before our next train we left our bags at the station. Town was a total shock, it was no longer the quiet little town we visited in 1987 but a smelly, traffic choked mess. Wandered through the bazaar to the clock tower, then caught auto back down to the Kalinga restaurant, where we ate before a train trip in 1987 and it was just as delicious tandoori food, with a nice tandoor mixed plate and an excellent eggplant dish. Lots of old fashioned furniture with waiters to match. Spent a bit of time at a tiny internet cafe before waiting for our late train. Crappy carriage this time, but got our bedding quickly so off to sleep. Well not much sleep, but woke to find we were in Jaisalmer already and it was very early in the morning. Waited for our pickup at the station, fending off the rather more annoying than usual hotel and auto touts. Our guys didn’t turn up but a nice man rang and they got someone else to take us to our hotel, the Shahi Palace. They gave us a room to sleep in until we got up, which was very nice of them.


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