Bollywood review – Three Idiots

Watched this for the 2nd time as it was on World Movies and the last time was on a really bad DVD with crap subtitles. Enjoyed it much more when you know what they are really saying, especially the famous “bad Hindi” speech. The movie is based loosely on Chetan Bhagat’s book Five point someone, which apparently he never gave permission to film. It is a clever satire on the Indian university system and the cut throat competitive world students deal with there. But it also very funny and there are some great performance from all the cast, especially Boman Irani (soon to be costarring with me in “Tezz”) as the eccentric but dangerous dean of the college, “Virus”, Aamir Khan (as usual) and Omi Vaidya is really funny. Apart from the weird childbirth scene this is a great movie and would have done well in Australia if anyone ever bothered to promote Bollywood. 82/100


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