2 Americans go to india

As I’ve stated previously I can’t handle most American travel writers. They seem to spend more time writing about themselves than where they are. Paul Theroux does this to some extent to but at least he is funny in his grumpy way. However I’ve found a couple of writers that do a better job than usual, perhaps because one has English parentage and the other is a child of NRIs.

India calling by Anand Giridharadas

Anand grew up in the USA and for the most part seems more American than Indian, but the longer he is India the more he warms to his ancestral home and begins to appreciate it’s strengths and becomes more aware of what is holding India back. he makes some unique observations and covers some unusual topics.  65/100

Searching for women who drink whisky by Miranda Kennedy

Miranda sometimes slips into the “Its all about me”  in this book, but her observations of her servants, neighbours and local community make it an interesting and amusing read. She also doesn’t hold back on anything either. But i really don’t care about her affairs and her “boyfriend” and would like to hear more about her foreign correspondent stuff in the future. 72/100



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