Part 3 Bundi

Had a nice sleep then headed off to find breakfast. Ended up grazing, starting with some tangy samosas from a cart, then came across an alu tikki seller, which were served with chickpea curry and chutney. Merrill had trouble explaining she didn’t want the curry and sauces but to no avail. Walked through some cute alley ways full of cows, people going about their morning chores and kids off to school. Followed some drumming up one lane to a ceremony of some kind, perhaps some pre wedding ritual. This was all taking place in front of their house, with everyone dressed up. The road curved back around to the main street, where we watched a crazy guy throwing rocks at everyone to the amusement of the local children.  Entered the old town through a decorated gate, which opened out to the vegetable market and the first of Bundi’s stepwells., which was more of a step-toilet or garbage dump. On the other side of the market is the bigger stepwell, the Rani ki Baori, a beautifully carved deep step well inhabited by bats clinging to the walls, and pigeons and parrots. Sat for a while in the pretty garden that surrounded the well watching the birds and squirrels. Outside the walls was a mirch pakora stand, which brought back memories of our last trip to Rajasthan. Sweets followed at a Bikaner sweets shop opposite. Wandered through to the hotel via the Muslim quarter, where we organized a driver for Udaipur for 4000Rs, not sure at this stage if we were ripped off or transport costs have gone up. Vegged out on the rooftop garden of our hotel eating sweets, then walked around the lake with its abundant bird life and cheeky brat kids, before a nice dinner by candlelight at the rooftop restaurant of the Taragarh Palace hotel. Nice friendly people and seemed like a nice hotel for next time.


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